Population think tank

But we have failed to keep up with the exponential increase in our numbers through increase in resources. Above all there is only this much space. If a house with three bedrooms accommodated three or four people in the past now has to accommodate ten or twelve people. Thus to start of our homes themselves have become over-crowded. Families of five or six people have multiplied to 15 or 20 people with our children getting married and having their own children while all we are doing is adding another room to the house for the happily married couple who will soon become a happy family of 4 or 5.
The house that would have enough water for 5or 6, and enough electricity and gas for 5 or 6 , is now called upon to stretch these facilities to make them enough for 12 or 15.. We are constantly grumbling and blaming the government about electric and gas load shedding and water shortage, do we ever stop to think why that has happened?