We have upset the delicate balance of population that was intended by nature to keep the rate of population growth at pace with the amount of food produced, available space and available water, breathable ai air, the air that we breath that is no longer fit for human consumption.. The natural balance of population is also linked to the available living space. For instance if we have x number of houses, health facilities, roads to accommodate x number of vehicles, trains, buses, cars, motorbikes as well as pedestrians. Now we see that the roads which were sufficient to accommodate all the traffic in 1990 are terribly congested even taking into account addition to the number of roads, widening from two lanes to six lanes and more and more roads being built.
Why has that happened? The reason is that our numbers have phenomenally increased. Thus the minute we have built more facilities for the increased numbers , the number increases further, thereby we are constantly playing a game of catch up and never actually being able to catch up. The only way that could happen would be if through a miracle we were at a standstill or zero population growth! If that were to happen we would actually catch up and start thinking of improving the quality of our lives, health facilities, food, roads, uninterrupted electric and gas supply and most of all water supply. Our water supply is dwindling so fast that by 2025 we will not have enough drinking water or water for the crops . As crops fail we would need precious foreign exchange just to import food. Eventual result would be shortage of food supply and famines. By destroying the delicate balance of supply and demand we have increased the demand exponentially while the supply of space is constant and other facilities can never catch up. We have destroyed the balance through artificial means like antibiotics, miracle cures for heart disease, kidney disease, transplanting organs that were destroyed by disease, through surgery, improved infant survival, improved methods of growing lots of food through artificial fertilizers.

We are keeping everybody alive and healthy , but the space and facilities are in limited supply. A day is fast approaching when our land mass no longer can sustain it. That will be the real doomsday scenario. And this is really happening.

But we are not prepared to accept artificial methods of birth control because that is anti -Islamic. So how is it Islamic to give a person, somebody else’s kidney or liver, which is like cannibalism because we are cannibalizing the organs coming out of dead people to keep somebody else alive because we are interfering in the work of God by doing that. God meant that individual to die and we kept him alive. Isn’t that interfering in God’s work? If we don’t think that using artificial means to keep somebody alive goes against nature and God’s will, then why should we think that trying to reduce birth rate to a level that is sustainable for the country, this solely to avoid eventual death and destruction for the country itself. Controlling the population growth would save millions of other lives who would otherwise die because of lack of facilities. New babies and children would be taking the place of people who have worked hard all their lives and eventually when they need help, it is no longer available because all the facilities are taken up by new people who have just arrived and taken preference over people who have given their lives to this country. Is it fair? Just because some people are so selfish that they cant be bothered to exert control over their carnal desires or at least take some precaution to reduce the inflow?