In Europe they have kept the population at the same level for decades. Only a set number of people die as man y as are born. So no additions. In our country while death rate is now well below what it was 20 or 30 years ago, the birth rate is increasing exponentially and at such an alarming rate that it was labelled as population bomb 20 years ago. At that time population was a mere 15 crore. Since then we have added another 6 or 7 crore.
Our population is increasing by more than 2% per year with birth rate at 29.8 per 1000 population. Compare it to India’s 19.8 per 1000 and Bangladesh’s 18.8 per 1000. The growth rate in Bangladesh is at 1% and we have far outstripped their population. In 10 years we would have put another 7 crore people on this country.
We need water to grow crops for these additional people. We don’t have enough water now because of the stupid politicians not building any dams. We have to seriously consider where is the food going to come for these extra people. We will have to import food to keep these extra people alive and healthy. We will have to make sure that even more food is imported because in another 10 years time we will have another 7 crore to feed.
Then have you seen what has happened to most roads in the country? Has anybody ever seen the frightening amount of traffic there is everywhere? This is only going to increase not decrease. All of us who have had to leave the cities in order to avoid the congestion and live in the suburbs will have to leave and go further out of the urban areas. We are the people who can afford to move out. What about the poor masses. They will be crushed under the crushing load of humanity.
WE will need more roads, more schools , more hospitals, build more homes and provide more food .
Then what about the air that we breathe? Already the air quality of Lahore has been declared by far the worst in the world. What will happen in 10 years? And in another 10 years after that? Do we think Pakistan will survive under this burden if it keeps going on when in another 25 year our population doubles again to 40 crore? That is the population of combined India , Pakistan and Bangladesh just 70 years ago. The Indians must be laughing their heads off because they know they don’t need to do anything. This country will self destruct in another 25 years anyway, so why bother attacking them or dropping a nuclear bomb on them. Their population itself is a ticking bomb which is going to destroy whatever dreams these poor idiots had 70 years ago under their leader Jinnah and poet philosopher Iqbal?